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Conditions to be observed
Section 64 of the Act

According to Sec. 64, a person who is in receipt of sickness benefit or disablement benefit (other than benefit granted on permanent disablement)
  • shall remain under medical treatment at a dispensary, hospital, clinic or other institution provided under the Act and shall carry out the instructions given by the medical officer or medical attendant in charge thereof;
  • shall not while under treatment do anything which might retard or prejudice his chances of recovery;
  • shall not leave the area in which medical treatment provided by the Act is being given, without the permission of the medical officer, medical attendant or such other authority as may be specified in this behalf in the regulations; and
  • shall allow himself to be examined by any duly appointed medical officer or other person authorised by the Corporation in this behalf
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Did you know?

The time limit for the employer to submit accident reports, non serious cases is within 48 hours -  in the fatal cases, it should be informed immediately through special messenger. 

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