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Esi Scheme at a Glance
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At the national level, the ESI Scheme is administered by a statutory body called the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), set up under ESI Act, 1948, which comprises representatives of employers, employees, the Central Government, State Governments, medical profession and the Parliament. 

A Standing Committee constituted from among the members of the Corporation acts as the Executive Body for the administration of the Scheme. 

The Medical Benefit Council, a statutory body, advises Corporation on matters connected with the provision of medical care to the beneficiaries of the Scheme. The Director General, is the Chief Executive of the Corporation and is also ex-officio member of the Corporation and of its Standing Committee. 

At the state level, Regional Boards have been constituted in each State and the grass root level, Local Committees have been formed as advisory bodies for smooth functioning of the Scheme.

Did you know?

A factory, or establishment once covered under the ESI Act, remains covered even if the number of employees at any later stage falls short of the stipulated number of 10/20 employees or the manufacturing process therein ceases to be carried on with the aid of power.


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