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Computation & remittance 

  • The entries pertaining to wages/ salary, number of days worked and share of contributions deducted in respect of each covered employees are to be entered in Form 7 register each month.
  • After making entries and totalling, the amount of contribution to be remitted is to be worked out.  The amount of contribution in respect of a person is to be rounded to the next higher multiple of 5 paise and the total amount of contribution payable under one challan should be rounded to the whole rupee, if it is more than 50 paise.
  • Fill in blank ESI remittance challans in quadruplicate wherein all the columns in all the 4 challans are to be filled in. Employers code No. should be shown predominantly on all challans (A rubber stamp can also be affixed).
  • Present the Quadruplicate challans along with cash/cheque at the allotted branch of the State Bank of India. Bankers will return 2 copies of the challans to the employer of which one copy is to be preserved in the ESI file of the employer and the other copy of the challan is to be enclosed in the half yearly return of contribution (Form-6). In regard to the case of employers who have branches/units in more than one State, they are having the option to pay contributions either at their parent Region/Sub-Region where the main factory/ Establishment is situated or through their Branch Office(s)/Sales Office(s) etc. in the Regions where such offices etc. are located. 
  • After the end of each contribution period, sum up the columns of the six months and prepare "Return of Contribution' in quadruplicate enclosing the concerned copies of the six challans. Make entry in the facing front sheet of the RC having column for details of payment and this part is to be certified by the authorized signatory of the employer. 
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Did you know?

The employer is not entitled to recover the employers' share of contribution from the wage of the employees.


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