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ESIC grievance redressal 
The ESI Corporation has taken various remedial measures to ensure timely redressal of grievances of the beneficiaries of the scheme. Local Committees and Regional Board representing employers, employees and Scheme administrators have been constituted under ESI Scheme in accordance with Regulation 10 and 10 A of ESI (General) Regulations 1950. Accordingly, all the units/offices of the Corporation dealing with the public grievances have been given specific instructions to register complaints from various sources viz. I.Ps./Employers/VIPs/Associations of Employees and Employers/News item and complaint Box (available at the Branch Offices/S.R.Os) etc. and on classification of the nature of complaints a registration number should be allotted to each case. On conducting proper enquiries, the cases would be settled promptly. In case of rejection of any complaint/grievances, the complainant is to be informed regarding the reasons of rejection.

Subsequently, the Corporation has taken the policy decision to set up an independent cell to deal with the public grievances exclusively at Regional level since April'99.

Accordingly, the special cell to deal with the public grievances as well as to promote the public relations has been set up at Regional Office, Chennai to monitor the redressal of grievances of the beneficiaries and people attached to the Scheme. The complaints of the beneficiaries including the Employers and representatives of Associations/Labour leaders are being given due attention to settle claims and other grievances on priority. Besides, the 'SHIKAYAT ADALAT' is also being arranged as per earlier instruction to deal with the public grievances.

A facilitation center has been opened at Sub Regional Office allowing Insured Persons, employers etc. to lodge their complaints/grievances freely and interact with the Corporation.

The Complaints are duly attended to and wherever necessary, detailed investigations are conducted so that, the Complaints are redressed at the earliest and recurrence of such grievances are nipped in the bud.
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For complaints/ grievances contact our Grievances Officer 

Mr. S. Krishna Kumar, D.D.

Tel. No. 61209721


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