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Maternity Benefit  for confinement


Insured women is entitled to receive maternity benefit for confinement for a period of 12 weeks for all the days on which she does not work for remuneration.
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In case insured woman claims maternity benefit before actual confinement,  the payment of maternity benefit will commence from a date  

       from which the benefit is claimed or
       from which work for remuneration is stopped or
         42 days before the expected date of confinement,
            whichever is the last .

If insured woman stops work for remuneration before confinement but submits her maternity benefit claim only after confinement, the period of 12 weeks shall commence on the date from which she has claimed the benefit and has stopped work for remuneration, irrespective of the fact whether or not she has submitted a certificate of expected confinement.

In such a case the IW will get maternity benefit from the day she starts abstention if she claims it only after confinement  i.e. after depositing her certificate specifying the date of confinement and she would be entitled to maternity benefit for 12 weeks from the date of abstention provided she satisfies the contributory condition with reference to the date of actual confinement.

If an insured woman does not abstain at all from work for remuneration before confinement and works for remuneration even on the date she confines, she will be entitled to maternity benefit for confinement for all the 12 weeks commencing from the date following the date of confinement provided insured woman does not work for wages during that period.

Did you know?

An insured woman is entitled to maternity benefit for 12 consecutive weeks, provided for all the 84 days (12 weeks),  she must not work for remuneration. 

If she rejoins duty before the expiry of 12 weeks, maternity benefit must be stopped. However, if  she again start abstaining from work, maternity benefit can be resumed as a fresh claim and paid for all the days falling within the range of 12 weeks.  

No payment will be made for the days on which she worked for remuneration. But the said days will be counted for the purpose of arriving at the total range of 84 days.

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