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Medical Benefit
Treatment at outstations

An Insured Person (IP), who moves from his normal station, to another station in the same State or another State where also the medical benefit provisions of E.S.I. Scheme are in force, either on authorized leave or on temporary duty, (for a period not exceeding three months), will be provided medical treatment at the new place also (temporary resident).
A temporary resident, before proceeding to a temporary residence, shall obtain on request a certificate of entitlement on Form ESIC-105 from his employer. The employers shall also indicate on Form ESIC-105 whether the members of family of IP are also moving along with the Insured Person. This certificate of entitlement will be valid for a maximum period of 3 months only from the date mentioned therein. An IP who does not possess ESIC-105 cannot avail Medical Benefit at his temporary residence.
A memorandum from employer sanctioning leave or tour indicating Name, Address, Insurance Number, Employer's Code Number and period of leave or tour can be accepted in lieu of ESIC-105. This will be treated by IMO/IMP in the same way as ESIC-105.
A temporary resident can claim treatment at any State Insurance Dispensary/Clinic of a panel Doctor at his temporary residence on the production of Form ESIC-105 and Identity Card and he should be accepted by the IMO/IMP on his list only if IP actually needs medical treatment at that time. IMO/IMP will get the signature of the IP on ESIC-Med 10 (on the reverse of ESIC-105), complete it and put his signature in token of his acceptance of the temporary resident.


A temporary resident will be provided Medical Benefit in the same way and on the same scale as other IPs in the area. As all benefits will be admissible to a temporary resident, certificates, if justified, should also be issued to enable him to claim cash benefits from the Branch Office to which IP is allotted at his permanent place of residence. 
If an IP wants to return to his original place of residence before issue of Final Certificate, he should be issued a statement by IMO/IMP of temporary residence giving details of certificate issued to enable follow-up action by IMO/IMP of original place of residence. The IP shall get specimen signature of IMO/IMP on Medical Certificate verified by the nearest Branch Office Manager and send it to his Branch Office.

A temporary resident whose stay at a place is less than 24 hours should also be given medical treatment by the IMO/IMP, but the procedure detailed in the above paragraphs need not be followed. As the treatment is of the nature of emergency treatment, no capitation fee will be payable to the IMP/Employees facility utilisation dispensary.
If an IP's stay at a temporary residence is for a period of more than 3 months, he will not be treated as temporary resident, but will be entitled to Medical Care at the new place only as provided for change of dispensary/doctor/IMP/region

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