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Medical Benefit 
To retired & disabled persons
(Rules 60 & 61 of ESI Central Rules, 1950)

Insured Persons who cease to be in insurable employment on account of permanent physical disablement due to employment injury or those who leave the insurable employment on attaining the  age of superannuation, or retires under voluntary retirement scheme, or takes premature retirement are eligible to receive medical benefit   for themselves  and their spouses. The benefit is provided on payment of contribution in lump sum for one year at the rate of Rs. 10 per month in advance.  

Scale of medical benefit

Superannuated or disabled insured worker will be entitled  to the same scale of Medical Benefit and to the same  package of medical facilities that is admissible to an Insured Person and spouse. 

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Note this

For easy accessibility to old age medical care, powers have been delegated to the field officers of the Corporation at the operational level including Branch Managers etc. for  deciding the title of the insured persons and their spouses for eligibility of medical facilities on this scheme.

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