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Permanent Disablement Benefit :

             At times the insured person who was having a temporary disability reaches a stage, when it cannot be improved further. At this point we terminate the temporary disablement benefit and refer the case to a Medical Board to assess the loss of earning capacity due to permanent disability which occurred out of employment. The assessment arrived at by Medical Board is the percentage in terms of loss of earning capacity. Certain injuries are listed in schedule II of the Act and are called scheduled injuries. The percentage of loss of earning capacity is determined as per schedule for such case.

Commutation :

             IP whose PDB has been assessed as final and awarded at the rate not exceeding Rs. 5.00 per day may apply for commutation within 6 months for payment in Lump Sum provided, the total amount does not exceed Rs. 30,000/- After every 6 months average expectation  of life has to be certified by M.R.

 Relapse of Employment Injury

             When insured person is on leave for the second time on account of the same injury, the IMO/IMP issues certificates for which the Corporation pays cash benefits.

 Subsequent abstention

             At the time of injury, the insured person does not take leave, but continues to work. The IMP/IMO certifies leave later on when the insured person feels incapacitated on account of the injury sustained earlier.

 Concurrent illness

             TDB may co-exist with an illness, e.g. Typhoid & Colle’s fracture. IMO/IMP issues certificates for both these ailments and when one or the other is terminated he puts an appropriate remark in the further certificates to enable the local offices to regulate the cash benefits accordingly.

 Reference to Medical Board/MAT/E.I. Court

             After final certificate has been issued, the case is referred to Medical Board by the Regional Director for determining loss of percentage of earning capacity.Functions of  Medical Board is to decide whether the disability is still temporary or permanent. If permanent, whether the disability is provisional or final and so the percentage of loss of earning capacity.  This is fixed for Scheduled injuries, but has to be decided by Medical Board for non-scheduled injuries.

             Medical Board also assesses the age of the IP who are not able to produce satisfactory proof of age.The Insured person or the ESI Corporation may be dis-satisfied with the decision of the Medical Board. The case is then referred to Medical Appeal Tribunal and if still not satisfied by the decision of the Medical appeal Tribunal, the case is referred to E.I. Court (Employees’ Insurance Court). Reference has to be made within 60 days of the decision of the Medical Board/MAT. The insured person is informed by the Regional Office accordingly.              Employees Insurance Court and Medical Appeal Tribunal are constituted by the State Govt. in consultation with ESI Corporation. A Judicial officer or Lawyer having practice of more than 5 years is the judge of E.I.Court. A representative of a recognized Trade Union and a State Govt Medical Specialist of the concerned faculty are members. Judge of MAT should not be senior to the Judge of E.I.Court.

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Did you know?

Section 2(21) defines "temporary disablement" as "a condition resulting from an employment injury which requires medical treatment and renders an employee, as a result of such injury, temporarily incapable of doing the work which he was doing prior to or at the time of injury."


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