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Vocational Rehabilitation 

This Scheme has been designed to provide financial assistance to the insured persons who are referred to vocational rehabilitation centre for training. The vocational rehabilitation scheme framed under the provisions of section 19 of the ESI Act, 1948 has been made applicable for the present to those insured persons in whose case loss of earning capacity resulting from an employment injury has been assessed as not less than 40% as per percentages given in Schedule II to the Act for scheduled as well as non-scheduled injuries resulting from an employment injury i.e. accident arising out of and during the course of employment or from an occupational disease as defined in ESI Act.

Only those insured person who satisfy following conditions are entitled to avail benefits of the vocational rehabilitation scheme. 

  • whose permanent loss of earning capacity has been determined as 40% or more 

  • who is in receipt of permanent disablement benefit under the ESI Act, 1948 

  • who is not in any gainful employment, and 

  • who is not more than 45 years of age on the date of his application

Physical  Rehabilitation allowance
Disabled insured persons who remain admitted in an artificial limb centre for fixation or repair or replacement of the artificial limb are entitled to rehabilitation allowance for each day on which they remain admitted at Artificial limb centre at double the standard sickness benefit rate. This is not subject to any contributory condition. 

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