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Enhanced Sickness Benefit

Enhanced Sickness Benefit is an incentive to insured person/ insured woman for undergoing vasectomy/ tubectomy operation to promote small  family norms. 

Daily rate of enhanced sickness benefit will be double the standard benefit rate equivalent to average daily wages, applicable for the benefit period in which the spell certified for vasectomy/ tubectomy falls.  


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Extended Sickness Benefit
Sickness Benefit

The insured person/insured woman, who is entitled to enhanced sickness benefit must abstain from work for the period claimed by him/her.  

Section 63 does not applicable to enhanced sickness benefit. hence there is no bar in receiving any wages from the employer for the leave period, if there is any such provision in his/her employment. 

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The period of Enhanced Sickness Benefit is extendable in case of post operative complications 
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