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 554 beneficiaries have been examined by the medical boards in Madhya Pradesh. Out of them 495.are in receipt of PDB


3520 Insured Persons are receiving permanent disablement benefit since 1.4.2005.



beneficiaries or their dependents are in receipt of PDB/DB due to occupational disease.

In cases of employment injuries the worker is paid not only cash benefit for incapacity to work due to temporary disablement but also is paid permanent disablement benefit which may go up to 70 % of his temporary disablement rate. Permanent disablement benefit (PDB) is paid to the beneficiary for lift or till the payment of this benefit in lump-sum. To access lost of earning capacity due to particular employment injury the corporation has constituted medical board. Each medical board normally consists of 3 medical officers, senior most amongst them is designated as chairman. At present the medical boards are working in ESI Hospital , Indore , Dewas , Ujjain , Bhopal and Gwalior. Corporation pays to the insured person travelling allowance as well as 50% wages for attending the medical board.


     To assess loss of earning capacity due to occupational disease one special medical board has been constituted, which meets periodically at Indore. It also has one chairman and two members. At least one member should be specialist of the occupational disease from which the beneficiary is suffering.  



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